Best Boxers of All Time (Part 2)

9. Archie Moore (USA)

Archie Moore has the longest professional careers in the history of boxing with many excellent fight, including defeating Rocky Marciano and Cassius Clay.

In total, he has won 194 out of 221 fights, in which, he won over knockout his opponents 145 times, and got defeated 6 times and drew eight times. In all, he got the highest total knockout percentage in professional boxing history.

8. Rocky Marciano (USA)

Rocky Marciano is the only heavyweight champion in boxing history being retired with undefeated achievements, winning all of his fights. He was only knocked to the canvas two times in his whole career, one of which was knocked by the great Archie Moore.

He fought total 49 times throughout his boxing career, winning all 49, and won by knocking out a staggering 43 times, giving a knockout rate of 88 percent.

7. ‘Big’ George Foreman (USA)

An Olympic gold medal winner, George Foreman is one of the most feared boxers due to his size, and his impressive punching power. One right hook from Foreman and his opponent will likely to be knocked out.

He participated in two of the world biggest boxing matches – The Sunshine Showdown and the Rumble in the Jungle, competed against Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali respectively. He became the oldest world heavyweight champion in 1994, when turning 45, getting the winning title 20 years after losing it to Muhammad Ali.

He fought a total of 81 times, in which he won 76, 68 of which won by knockout and being defeated just five times.6. Roberto Duran (PAN)

Nickname “Hands of Stone”, Roberto Duran, is  the second boxer in history to have fought in five different decades. He retired in 2002, when turning 50, holding world titles at four different weights categories including lightweight, welterweight, junior middleweight and middleweight.
In his total of 119 professional fights, he won 103, lost 16,  70 of which by knocking his opponent out.