Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury agree to fight in 2021

Information from Joshua and Fury made fans warm silently with the unification of heavy boxing belts will take place.

According to boss Eddie Hearn – who is managing Anthony Joshua to the press, both punches have now agreed to the basic terms of the broadcast contract.

Expected, the match between Joshua and Fury will take place around May, June 2021, according to Hearn, currently, only a few small problems need to be resolved, but will not affect the qualifying match. This heavy will take place.

The current external problem, mostly on their opponents, has Fury’s rematch terms with Deontay Wilder unknown, while Oleksandr Usyk – the legitimate WBO challenger of Anthony Joshua seems to be ready to wait.

Oleksandr Usyk offers to wait

Currently, Anthony Joshua holds four heavyweight belts WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, and IBO, he also had an impressive knockout victory over Kubrat Pulev on December 12 to complete the task of protecting the belt this year.

As for Tyson Fury, “The Gypsy King” is still in a break from knockout Deontay Wilder in February this year. Perhaps, the puncher born in 1988 is waiting every day to make the match with Joshua come true.

Fury vs Joshua match is scheduled to take place in mid-2021

For the first time, fans have true information about the most anticipated match between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

Fury vs Joshua match is scheduled to take place in mid-2021

The year 2020 of the heavy boxing village ends with Anthony Joshua’s knockout against Kubrat Pulev – a victory that helps the British gloves preserve the WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO championships. This also leads to the possibility of Joshua encountering fellow countryman Tyson Fury – who holds the WBC belt to acquire the noblest titles.

Anthony Joshua overcame Kubrat Pulev, towards Tyson Fury

Answering the question about the feasibility of this match, Eddie Hearn – the boss of Anthony Joshua and Frank Warren – the boss of Tyson Fury have the same opinion. The confrontation between the two champions is expected with a huge number. Talking about the obstacles of this match, it is the task that Joshua, as well as Fury, must perform to complete the previous agreements.

The audience look forward to the confrontation between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury more than ever because this is the golden time for the heavyweight boxing village to find out who unifies the most prestigious titles in the world.


How powerful is Roy Jones Jr, Mike Tyson’s upcoming rival?

For boxing followers, Roy Jones is a legend, a king on the charts, but to outsiders, Roy Jones is probably a rather strange name.

Rated as one of the greatest boxing fighters in boxing history in the world, Roy Jones has been the dominant name on the P4P charts throughout the 90s. junior middleweight until the peak period in semi heavyweight.

In 1999, Roy Jones unified the semi-heavy WBA, WBC, and IBF belts to become the absolute champions. In 2003, Roy Jones also excellently defeated then WBA heavyweight champion John Ruiz to become the next heavyweight champion.

Roy Jones Jr. captivating fans with speed moves, ridiculous coloring tricks, and even centimeter corner bend. Roy Jones’s fighting style is unique with bizarre punches different from traditional Boxing. Thanks to such an inherent uniqueness, he became the one-time superstar of the boxing world.

Roy Jones Jr. has stunning moves in boxing

In the past, many fans have also wondered if Roy Jones can beat Mike Tyson, only regret that the most prolific time of Roy Jones was the time when Mike Tyson went to jail. continuously and start to drop in form. Therefore, even though they are only 3 years apart, the two have never had the chance to confront each other.

Many fans have also wondered if Roy Jones can beat Mike Tyson

Upcoming Roy Jones will face Mike Tyson in a friendly match of 8 matches. It is worth mentioning that, Mike Tyson has just returned after 15 years of retirement, and Roy Jones is still persistent until 2018 and still has a KO against young opponents. In terms of advantage, it seems that Roy Jones is the dominant player in the upcoming match.

Mike Tyson turned down a $20 million BKFC barehand boxing invitation

Previously, bare hand boxing BKFC had intended to invite Mike Tyson to the top with a bonus of 20 million dollars, but Mike Tyson declined this attractive offer.

The former absolute heavyweight champion recently expressed his desire to win a charity match. To prove he is completely serious, Mike has posted photos, training videos with a solid body like when he was fit.

Emerging in 2018 with officially bringing Boxing back to the US after 131 years, BKFC (Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship) quickly gained a reputation with the signing of famous boxers, former boxing, and MMA fighters.


MU legend becomes a boxer at the age of 38

After 2 years away from the pitch, former center-back Rio Ferdinand is ready to become a professional boxer.

Through social media accounts, former center-back Rio Ferdinand confirmed his preparation for professional boxing. On Instagram, the Manchester United player posted a trailer introducing himself as a boxer.

Today (September 19), Ferdinand held an official press conference to confirm his upcoming boxing match. Thus, Ferdinand is about to follow the famous British athletes like Andrew Flintoff (cricket), Sonny Bill Williams (rugby), Leon McKenzie (former Norwich player) and Curtis Woodhouse (former Sheffield United player) to try boxing. .

Recently, the former center-back in 1978 also sent challenges to famous punches like Tyson Fury, Tony Bellew or David Haye.

Rio Ferdinand confirmed his upcoming professional boxing match

While on the football field, Rio Ferdinand weighed 82 kg, equivalent to the cruiserweight class of boxing. But with Rio Ferdinand challenging Tyson Fury, it’s possible that the former Manchester United star has increased his muscle to compete in the 90 kg heavyweight class.

The former Manchester United star has long been interested in boxing and fists. Since leaving the soccer field in 2015, Rio Ferdinand has posted lots of boxing practice photos and videos on social media. Rio also actively practices in the gym to build and maintain strong muscles. It can be said that Rio is one of the few former players who maintain a strong physique after retirement.

The legend of MU transferred to boxing at the age of 38

Rio shared a joy with Anthony Joshua, after the young puncher defeated the legendary Wladimir Klitschko in April.

The former England midfielder locked himself in the gym and worked hard to forget the sadness of losing his wife and mother, and his daughter Rebecca Ellison had breast cancer in 2015. Before moving to boxing, Rio Ferdinand assumed the role. commentators, familiar guests present in live football shows.

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Muay Thai or Boxing – Which Style is More Effective

Boxing involves hitting with your hands as well as foot and cardio vascular training. This type of striking requires quick hands and head movement to avoid being punched. Boxers have a more advantage of learning their martial art much faster because there is much less to master and much less to learn. Spending six months training Boxing you will be focused on punching and footwork, while in Muay Thai each month of those first six months will be spent trying to learn and master something new altogether.

Easier to Learn: Boxing

Which Martial Art is Better for Fitness?
Both Muay Thai and Boxing are great for improving fitness and cardiovascular strength. Even in their purest forms, both are great for strength and conditioning. There are sloppy western boxing coaches who don’t stress the importance of fitness in fighting, however if you’ve ever been in a professional or amateur competition you’ll know fitness is important. Muay Thai will also require you in hardening your body, particularly the shins.

It’s critical to remember that when the emphasis is more on fitness and strength rather than skills and technique you won’t have the attributes to properly defend yourself. Classes like “cardio kickboxing” are great options for losing weight and improving your body and heart, however they aren’t so good for self-defense and real life situations. Better for Fitness: Both

Who Would Win in a Fight?
So who would win in a fight between a Muay Thai vs Boxing practitioner? Luckily for us this strange fight has taken place at least once or twice before.
An important thing to notice is that this was under a professional competition, real life situations and other professional fights won’t always be the same as this way.

Which Martial Art Should You Train?
Boxing and Muay Thai are different martial arts, so when it comes to training the question isn’t essentially about which fighting style is better. It’s more about which martial art is more appropriate to you personally. Do you want to just concentrate on punching or do you want to add kicks, knees, and elbows

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Muay Thai or Boxing – Which Martial Art is Better for Self-Defense?

When it comes to self-defense and various real life dangerous situations, both Boxing and Muay Thai are great martial arts to practice. Boxing will probably get you into defensive position and competence a lot quicker in most situations, as the focus it puta on timing, spacing, and reading your opponent use of hands. Every fight begins with standing up and Boxing is one of the best skills to have in a fight with your hands.

Muay Thai will teach you how to read opponent leg’s movements. Most self defense situations do not necessarily require this skill, but when you meet an opponent who can kick, this gives a high chance of ruining whatever strategy you had in place with boxing.

Training Boxing enables you get much more proficient in self-defense in the short term (approximately 6 months training time). However, Muay Thai training emphasizes on he clinch and have a longer striking range.

Therefore, if you aim for Short term self-defense, choose Boxing and Long term self-defense choose Muay Thai.

Which Martial Art is Easier to Learn?

When you compare the two arts, both Boxing and Muay Thai can be easy and hard at the same time depending on which aspect of training you’re following.

Muay Thai involves the use of all striking points through elbows, knees, kicks, and punches. This type of striking takes a much longer time to master when compared to just using one form of attack. Not only do you need to learn how to master these type of strikes, but you also have to learn to master defending against these type of strikes. There is no Muay Thai professional that does not  know how to properly defend a low kick. Muay Thai clinching is also vitally critical to learn and that takes a long time to master.

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Muay Thai or Boxing – Which Style is More Effective? (Part 1)

It’s a common question that everyone asks “which martial art is better”. No matter you have been practicing some forms of martial arts for years, or if you’re a beginner looking to find the best martial art to begin with, you will be able to find your answer from this martial art breakdown. The truth is, a majority of martial arts are excellent and it’s silly to compare them with each other, it’s like comparing apples to oranges which hold their own beauty.

In this article, we are about to compare Boxing vs Muay Thai. Both of them are super useful for attacking, striking and self defense, and both are absolutely worth to learn. The question we want to answer is which out of the two martial arts are better for self defense, and which one is more powerful and practical for real-life situations.

Muay Thai vs Boxing

Boxing and Muay Thai share some similarities, as well as many differences. Muay Thai consists of some elements of boxing, however you can’t fight as a boxer when you practicing Muay Thai otherwise bad things will happen. Same applies for Muay Thai in a Boxing match, they are two completely different forms of martial arts with distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Muay Thai is useful because it brings a great advantage on the range and separation to the opponent. If a Muay Thai fighter fight a boxer in the street, he would have the advantage over his opponent of front kicking to keep him at distance. However, a Muay Thai fighter isn’t as strong with his hands as a boxer. A Muay Thai fighter would actually get a huge advantage in street fight, which is something that can’t be replicated by practicing boxing.

Boxing is useful because it holds advantage with footwork and self-defense. If a boxer were to fight a Muay Thai fighter in the street, chances are he would be able to easily avoid punches which can’t be compare in terms of strength. The main problem with Boxing is that boxers focus only on striking with hands, while Muay Thai focuses on both hands, elbows, feet, and knees

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Ranking the Most Unbreakable Records in Boxing (Part 4)

The Most Bouts and Wins in a Career: Len Wickwar

This record is quite hard to determine with precise accuracy. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, boxing was banned outright in some areas as an outlaw sport and had to be presented as “an exhibition” in some others.
So determining the complete records for boxers is not completely possible.

But by combing through newspaper archives with the most accurate database possible, it shows that lightweight Len Wickwar had the most verified professional fights and the most wins in a career.

Between 1928 and 1947, Wickwar compiled a record total of 467 fights which is the records that almost impossible be touched.

The Most Knockouts in a Career: Archie Moore
This is another record that is well out of the scope of contemporary prize possible for fighters. In a career that lasted three decades, “The Old Mongoose” Archie Moore was considered as a top-rated fighter from middleweight to heavyweight and won 183 professional fights, 131/ 183 by stoppage.
Moore was a crafty veteran who grew his power with him as he went up in weight categories. He is arguably considered as the greatest light heavyweight to ever live and has been held the title for the last decade of his career, while ranking at the top of the heavyweight division in his spare time.

Moore is also the only fighter to have competed against both Muhammad Ali and Rocky Marciano.

The Most Titles Held Concurrently in Different Weight Classes: Henry Armstrong
Besides Sugar Ray Robinson, Henry Armstrong is only one truly valid alternative: as the greatest pound-for-pound fighter to ever live. For a short period of time in 1938, Armstrong dominated as the undisputed world champion at 3 divisions of featherweight, lightweight and middleweight, all at the same time. In the time when there was only one world champion per division, Armstrong was the unquestioned king from division of 126 to 147 pounds.

To put that into context, in today’s era of titles and half weight classes, there could be up to 20 “world champions” at any given time, covering the same weight division.

Remarkably, in 1940 Armstrong battled against middleweight champion Cerefino Garcia. A win would have made him a world champion in four divisions during the time when there were only eight divisions.

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Ranking the Most Unbreakable Records in Boxing (Part 4)

Most World Titles Won in Different Weight Classes: Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao’s fans have the tendency to make a great deal out of his world titles in eight divisions. Claiming it is proof that he’s the greatest pound-for-pound boxer of all time.

That’s a huge overstatement as in today’s alphabet soup era, world titles are pretty easier to come by than they used to be in previous eras. And Pacquiao’s light middleweight belt was achieved at a catchweight of 150 pounds, four under the true light middleweight limit.

Still, it’s a remarkable achievement and the one that is unlikely to be matched or surpassed. To put it into context, Pacquiao got his first world title at 112 pounds division. That means he increased 38 pounds, over a third of his body weight, to get his heaviest title. 

Most Times as Undisputed Heavyweight Champion: Muhammad Ali
Evander Holyfield has won the world heavyweight title five times, and that itself will be a hard record to beat. Holyfield used to be very good for a long time, in a very severe division, to get that record.

But the even more unbreakable record is Muhammad Ali’s achievement as the undisputed heavyweight champion. It’s hard enough to become an undisputed champion in today’s era of alphabet soup, let alone to reign three times.
To do it, Muhammad Ali won Sonny Liston in in 1964. Years later, he beated George Foreman to become the second man to regain the heavyweight crown, comes just after Floyd Patterson.
After losing the belt to Leon Spinks in a match in 1978, Ali won the title in an immediate rematch.

Longest Unbeaten Streak: Jimmy Wilde
Nicknamed “The Might Atom,” Welshman Jimmy Wilde is believed as one of the greatest flyweights ever and one of the leading boxers the United Kingdom has ever had. Between his professional debut in 1910 and his first loss in 1915, Wilde established an unbeaten streak of 103 fights.

Of course, many of these fights were fought in obscurity and none of them were hosted outside of the U.K. Without doubt the most impressive unbeaten streak in boxing history belongs to Sugar Ray Robinson.

After taking his first loss to Jake LaMotta in 1943, Robinson had winning streak until 1951. During that time he gathered the welterweight and then middleweight titles while going undefeatable in 91 straight fights.

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Ranking the Most Unbreakable Records in Boxing (Part 2)

The Longest Two KO Streaks: Carlos Zarate
Only a rare number of boxing stars have achieved exceptional knockout streaks of over 20 fights. Bantamweight wrecking machine Carlos Zarate is the only boxer to have been able to record two such streaks.

Zarate won his first 23 fights by stoppage. Following by a decision victory, he won by knocked out his next 28 opponents. During his second streak, he got the WBC bantamweight title and also won by knocked out Alfonso Zamora, who was also in the middle of achieving a 20-plus KO streak.

Zarate’s streak finished in appropriate fashion, against fellow knockout boxer Wilfredo Gomez, when Zarate decided to super bantamweight to challenge for the title. Between the two of them, Gomez and Zarate entered the combat with a combined record of 73-0-1 with 72 KOs. Eventually, Gomez prevailed, stopping and Zarate won in five.

The Oldest World Champion: Bernard Hopkins
Bernard Hopkins is the reigning WBA and IBF light heavyweight winner amd about to turn 50.

Hopkins is the oldest winner in boxing history, as well as the oldest professional athlete to compete at such a high level. Most elite professional boxers are made up  their training schedule from mid-to-late 30s.

Hopkins’ longevity is critical to his disciplined training and conditioning over the last years, and to his style, which has eliminated the damage he has put out. But he’s also began claiming that he’s an “alien” lately, and perhaps there’s something to that.

We are about to ready to begin considering science-fiction explanations for Hopkins at this point.

Hopkins faces the ferocious WBO champion Sergey Kovalev in November which made it a dangerous fight for anybody, including the 49-year-old man. But if ever it were possible for a person that age to compete against a monster like Kovalev, Hopkins is the one.

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Ranking the Most Unbreakable Records in Boxing (Part 1)

A lot of boxing records are phenomenal with certain milestones are till now untouchable. Just as nobody will ever be able to forget Cy Young’s total of 511 wins or come close to Len Wickwar’s 468 professional bouts.

It might seems that breaking other records is feasible, but still seems unlikely till now. It isn’t impossible to break the record of Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak or Manny Pacquiao’s world titles in eight different divisions.
These are the top boxing records that are very difficult, to surpass. 

10. Youngest World Champion: Wilfred Benite

In March 1976, Wilfred Benitez won the WBC light welterweight title from Antonio Cervantes at just 17 years old to become the youngest champion in history. He was still six months away from turning 18 with high school classmates sitting in the front row cheering him up.

It would almost certainly that a case of a flyweight or lower from the Asia-Pacific or Latin America countries might break the record. But might be in a far far future. In Benitez’s case, he won and hold the title for almost a decade in a historically competitive weight against many all-time great in the category. Benitez later moved up, attempting to win the welterweight title, but lost to Ray Leonard. In May 1981 he defeated Maurice Hope to win the light middleweight title, and became the youngest champion in history that win in three-division.

9. Longest KO Streak with a World Championship: Wilfredo Gomez

There have been many longer KO streaks but none of those fighters became world champions. Following draw in his professional debut, Gomez defeated the next 32 opponents in four years of stretch to reign the WBC super bantamweight champion.

After taking his record with 32 KOs, Gomez moved up to featherweight to challenge Mexican legend Salvador Sanchez and took the first loss of his career.

After which, Gomez won eight more in a row by stoppage, including the first unanimous decision over Juan Laporte.

Before retiring, he won a third world title at super featherweight and become the greatest Puerto Rican star of all time.

Deontay Wilder is currently in striking distance of this record, with 32 straight KOs. But he’s yet to fight a true contender, let alone win a championship, while Gomez recorded the last 13 KOs of his streak in world title fights.