Boxing history

Why does boxing have so many world championships? (Part 1)

Sometimes when you watch professional boxing, you will see both boxers when the upper station is introduced as the current world champion. The only difference lies in the championship belt they hold. Why is that?

If football is under the supreme administration of a governing body, the World Football Federation, or FIFA, boxing does not have such a unity. The sport has up to four major associations, which are widely recognized and all have their competition system, through which they will award their championship belts.

The world professional boxing has 4 largest federations

Specifically, currently, the world professional boxing has 4 largest federations, namely WBC (World Boxing Council), WBO (World Boxing Organization), WBA (Hiep World Boxing Association, and IBF (International Boxing Federation).

To learn about these real fish fighting pants, it is necessary to go back to the beginning of professional boxing, that is, the 1920s of the last century. At that time, the bloody matches of this sport were beginning to become a gold mine for many organizers.

Confederations, committees, or boxing associations, therefore, mushroomed after the rain with the sole purpose of creating their championship belts, to create an attraction for the fights due to I organize.

However, in the 1960s, the two federations WBA and WBC were the most successful, surpassing other boxing organizations to become two world-class federations, recognized by the global boxing village as the main organization of the sport.

Boxer Anthony Joshua has acquired all four world championships

With the effective management and organization of WBA and WBC competitions, World Boxing is increasingly becoming a money-making business. But also because 2 world-class organizations are living together well, the consequence is that more people want to be part of the lucrative piece of boxing called boxing.

Because a professional boxing match only takes place quickly, and can even end after 1-2 minutes if any puncher gets knocked out early, plus the huge revenue comes mainly in matches. World Championship title competition, so the need to organize top matches always flourished.

Therefore, in the ’80s, two more boxing federations appeared, IBF (founded in 1983) and WBO (founded in 1988) that rose to share the leading role of the boxing world, making the emergence of New championship belt. And so, there are currently four world-class federations sharing a piece of cake worth billions of dollars of professional boxing.

Boxing history

Did you know: Boxing was once on the verge of extinction?

Boxing is a sport with a long history. But in a long period of history, it once stood on the verge of extinction.

Around the 17th century BC, boxing through the Mediterranean island of Crete spread to ancient Greece. From the frescoes unearthed at the ruins on Santorini Island on the Aegean Sea, one can see the posture of a teenage boy fighting Boxing.

At a site on the Aegean coast of the 5th century BC, scientists also discovered a pair of porcelain vase with pictures of two people fighting Boxing. Archaeological findings in the Mesopotamian plateau also discovered the relics of Boxing activity 1700 years ago.

In addition, Ancient Greek Mythology tells of the 1000-year-old Prince of Athens, Sahias, who mastered boxing, practicing this type of Boxing. Contemporary, in ancient Greece Boxing is considered a sport of competition. These things make it clear Boxing was very popular in ancient Greece.

Boxing is the 3rd oldest sport after running and wrestling. In ancient Egypt, Boxing was a very flourishing sport. Then came the time of the ancient Roman Empire, due to the Roman emperor Theodores issuing a ban on Boxing so the sport seems to have stood on the verge of extinction.

At the same time, in fact, people no longer loved Boxing. The main reason is that the form of Boxing has changed, Boxing is no longer a sport that makes people enjoy anymore. It has turned into a form of entertainment that satisfies a part of the privileged class in society, while simultaneously showing its devastating side.

Boxing was once virtually eradicated in history

At that time, the privileged class captured criminals, prisoners, and Boxing practicing slaves. They arrested these men when fighting, with their hands wrapped in a special rope, which contained weapons such as pieces of steel, pieces of lead and barbed wire. When forced them to fight is very brutal brutal.

In the eyes of this privileged class, those who fight even if they die will be nothing small. They see fighting like children playing toys, playing around with criminals or being taken prisoner.

Another reason is that in Europe, horse-riding is a sport of the nobility began to flourish. The development of techniques on horseback limited the development of Boxing. People gradually stopped practicing Boxing. Boxing began to decline until almost disappeared.

Thereafter, over 1200 years, until the 17th century, in boxing was revived and developed again. During that 1200-year period, boxing was almost eradicated, and it was unnoticed by everyone.

Boxing history

The interesting history of Mexican fighting style in boxing

Not sectarian like other martial arts, but the style of boxing is very diverse. The fighting style of a region, a country also always distinguishes itself from the rest. Boxing has many different playing styles, and each region of the world has different ideas and styles of play.

What influences the fighting style and style of a region or a country usually depends on the initial factors such as the boxing country, the culture of the host country, the physicality of the people of the host country.

The interesting history

Mexico used to be a poor country, with low wages and living standards. Mexican people always have to cross the US to do “underground” here with higher salaries.

American employers love to use “underground” labor for a variety of reasons, low wages, no paper insurance, and high labor productivity. Mexican workers built relationships with American capitalists at that time.

For American capitalists, more specifically boxing bosses, it was very difficult at that time to find people to train with the fighters. Partly because not everyone can afford to raise many boxers at once, partly because Americans like to watch Boxing and are not willing to take a fighter’s punches for a living.

The underground Mexican working class is willing to do everything for less than the standard US wage. This underground labor situation still exists today.

Gradually after these “martial artists” classes after working age, they will return to their homeland and open the boxing oven. This is the reason for the formation of the Mexican style – a close style at close range and belly fight.

Nowadays, the Mexican fighting style is one of the most feared fighting styles in modern boxing. The Mexicans, over time, have modified the style of play to become different from that of the old style.

Mexican boxers still compete at close range, but the ability to evade attacks and counter has gone to a new level. These consecutive combo combos are gradually replaced by a series of calculated attacks launched from many different angles. Stubbornness is also accompanied by the thinking mindfulness in boxing.

Highlight Mexican boxing

Mexicans, with legendary names dominating in the past such as Oscar De La Hoya, Erik Morales, Antonia Barrera until now Canelo Alvarez, Mikey Garcia, Santa Cruz, will continue to affirm the position of the Mexicans on world arena.