Dana White wants to host Dan Hooker vs Michael Chandler on Duel Island

According to Dana White chairman, although not officially, but UFC has been planning the battle between Dan Hooker and Michael Chandler at “Island duel” (Fight Island) in a few weeks.

Earlier this year, the UFC planned to hold three major events with well-known punches. However, due to the complicated situation of Covid-19, the events have not been able to close enough battles and the organizers are urgently contacting the boxers to “tie up”.

Michael Chandler and Charles Oliveira were a pair that was intended to add to those events, but Charles was unable to squeeze the weight into the allotted time frame. Dana White immediately mentioned Dan Hooker.

Battle of Dan Hooker vs. Dan Hooker Michael Chandler was once again confirmed

White did not specify which event to arrange this matchup, but it is highly likely that it will become a Co-Main Event with Dusin Poirier vs. Dusin. Conor McGregor 2 at UFC 257. Before that, Dan Hooker also sent a challenge invitation to Michael Chandler. Just received the defeat against Dustin Poirier at the end of June last year, Dan wants to regain his form with a victory over rookie veteran from Bellator.

Battle of Dan Hooker vs. Dan Hooker Michael Chandler was once again confirmed

Speaking of Michael Chandler, though he just entered the UFC late last year at UFC 254 as the backup for Khabib vs. Gaethje, you are quickly expected to become one of the brightest contenders for the light championship belt.

Chandler defeated Benson Henderson at Bellator 243

Chandler has won the Bellator light championship title three times and his most recent victories have been beautiful, decisive KOs, knocking out opponents in the first half. Both are punches with a beautiful attack, the pair Chandler and Hooker hope to bring the audience intense and satisfying matches in the near future.

Michael Chandler agrees to broadcast Dan Hooker at UFC 257

It is expected that UFC will make an official announcement in the next few days about adding the match to the breakfast event on January 24 next year. If officially happens, the match Michael Chandler vs. Dan Hooker will increase the attractiveness of UFC 257 next to the leading match Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier.

Having joined the UFC since October, former light king Michael Chandler has not been able to find a competitor to launch the tournament since the reserve match for Khabib vs. Match Gaethje at UFC 254.

For this reason, Dan Hooker proactively sent an invitation to Chandler, an Australian boxer hoping to score points with a win, since his defeat against Dustin Poirier last June.


Which boxing championship belt is the most prestigious?

Currently, in the boxing industry, there are many championship belts of many different federations, but only the four leagues WBO, WBA, WBC, and IBF are recognized by the world.

The reason for the existence of so many different titles is that in the 1920s a series of boxing commissions created a series of championship titles to attract visitors to matches.

By 1963, the two largest committees at that time had grown into the WBA and the WBC – the first two mainstream boxing leagues. 20 years later IBF and WBO were established, from this moment in the world, there are 4 boxing leagues.

The WBA has once confirmed that they are planning to unify the super and regular WBA belts into a championship title to avoid confusion, but this has yet to happen.

The IBO League Championship Belt

On the other hand, the IBO League Championship Belt is one of the most controversial championship belts. The IBO Federation was established in 1988, five years after the birth of the IBF and WBO. For many fans of boxing, the four world championships are too much, and the existence of a 5th federation makes the title of world champions even more mundane.

One of the most recent examples of IBO belts not being recognized by the majority of Boxing fans is that after the match between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr, many media outlets around the world chose not to list the IBO belt in the list of titles that Andy Ruiz Jr won.

There are various boxing championship belt

Andy Ruiz’s IBO belt was even ignored by many newspapers

Recently, to make the belt system more diverse and more confusing, WBC has created a new title, Franchise Champion. It seems that the appearance of too many championships is increasingly making Boxing more boring now, going 5 steps to meet a champion and no champion wants to touch each other. If this situation lasts, surely one day, Boxing is just boring champions.


ONE Championship 2020 result: John Lineker is excellent

The American puncher with the nickname ‘Hand of Stone’ John Lineker had an excellent performance when knocking out former champion Kevin Belingon after only 2 matches.

As the third event in the ONE Inside The Matrix series, ONE Championship’s November 13 match saw the return of five MMA weight divisions. In particular, the focus is the confrontation between former champion Kevin Belingon and American puncher John Lineker, to have a Bantamweight title competition.

Sharing the same attack style, Kevin Belingon is considered to be more diverse thanks to his ability to use both arms and legs well. This is also considered a great advantage over the sled hammer punches that have brought John Lineker fame.

On the threshold of ONE Inside the Matrix 3, American puncher John Lineker showed full confidence when confronted with the opponent’s favorite fighting style. Most noteworthy is the confrontation between two boxers with a dedicated Bantamweight style – “Hand of Stone” John Lineker and Kevin Belingon.

Sharing the same attack style, Kevin Belingon is considered to be more diverse thanks to his ability to use both arms and legs well. This is also considered a great advantage over the sled hammer punches that have brought John Lineker fame.

John Lineker was very famous for his close-range knockouts

Similarly, Filipino puncher – former ONE Bantamweight champion Kevin Belingon also believes that the main match at ONE Inside The Matrix 3, is unlikely to end with a scoring result.

John Lineker was very famous for his close-range knockouts

Aiming for a Bantamweight title in the future, Kevin Belingon needs a very convincing win to escape the shadow of two consecutive defeats against defending champion Bibiano Fernandes.

On the side of John Lineker, the American boxer has long stood under the shadow of the “gatekeeper” Marching to the ONE Championship, winning against Belingon is the only ticket to help him get the title after years of waiting.


Overview of the Vasyl Lomachenko title competition vs. Teofimo Lopez

Back with a series of blockbuster events at the end of the year, Top Rank Boxing – the world’s leading boxing promotion company brings the world’s top boxing event with 9 matches.

In particular, the focus that is most awaited by the audience is the unification of light championships between “Hi Tech” Vasyl Lomachenko – owner of the WBA (Super) and WBO belts, against young talent Teofimo Lopez – the person holding the IBF belt.

Considered one of the best Boxers at the moment, Vasyl Lomachenko is known for unifying the world championships with the fewest number of games.

Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Teofimo Lopez

After only 15 times, the Ukrainian boxer has gathered 3 prestigious boxing belts including WBC, WBA (Super) and WBO. In particular, his defeat of generals recently are very strong martial artists such as Jorge Linares, Luke Campbell, Guillermo Rigondeaux.

On the other side of the line, Teofimo Lopez is the youngest talent Lomachenko has ever faced. The American boxer born in 1997 is considered the first of the new generation to challenge the position of the puncher who won the Olympic gold medal twice.

In the last match, Lopez only took 2 innings to beat Richard Commey knockout, bringing back the prestigious IBF belt – joining the ranks of young punchers who own the world belt.

Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Teofimo Lopez is the next light boxing match

In fact, the feud between Lomachenko began when both appeared in an event in 2018. At that time, Lomachenko fought with Jose Pedraza to unify the two belts, and Teofimo Lopez was a martial artist to compete with Mason Menard for the WBC – NABF belt.

When they met at the boxers’ hotel, Teofimo Lopez’s father approached and wanted to get to know Lomachenko but was refused. This was then used as a reason to “regain honor” for his father when determined to defeat Vasyl Lomachenko.

This is the first pay-per-view sale of two boxers

This is the first pay-per-view sale of two boxers

Once interrupted by the COVID-19 epidemic earlier this year, the match between Vaysl Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez was rescheduled on October 17 at MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The event is expected to start at 7:00 am with 8 reserve matches, before the main match starts at 10:00 noon on October 18.


Russia’s first professional no-gloved boxing tournament

Boxing is one of the martial arts fighting against violent attacks. Strong attacks with strong force make opponents can be knocked out on the spot. Viewers can easily see the images of bloody, bruised boxers on the boxing ring.

In Russia, a new professional no-gloved boxing tournament has been held for the first time. In this tournament, the audience witnessed the fierce confrontations and the scary images of the boxers.

The professional no-gloved boxing tournament in Russia

With this tournament, the fighting form of the boxers will not use gloves but instead a bandage wrapped around the arm and an extra tooth guard. Wearing gloves will help the boxers avoid scratching rather than when using their hands directly to punch. Therefore, the image of the wounded martial arts at these battles is quite bloody and horror.

Many people when witnessing these images think that this is too barbaric. However, according to experts, it is safer than using gloves because the gloves will cause the force exerted on the boxers in a wider area, heavier and more likely to cause dangerous injuries in the head area of ​​the boxer.

And when you use your bare hands, the impact force will be in a smaller range, causing less internal impact, but causing scratches, skin damage, making the image of the wound look quite creepy.

The first professional boxing tournament in Russia was held with a prize of 13,000 USD and was held on a cargo ship called Rio-1 docked in Moscow.

The boxing matches without gloves are often considered too barbaric, but in fact, this sport is considered by many to be safer than conventional boxing. Punches in gloves can cause larger and heavier areas of damage, causing serious damage to the boxers’ heads.

The competition without gloves makes it easier for boxers to bleed

When not wearing gloves, the affected area is smaller, and instead of causing brain damage, gloved matches often have a lot of blood and gore from skin wounds. Although it looks barbaric, the fact that boxing without gloves rarely causes internal injuries to the punches.

The competition without gloves makes it easier for boxers to bleed

Despite the controversy about the safety of gloved boxing, punches see it as a kind of fame and honor, even though the money they make is a lot less money than regular boxing fighters.


Paulo Costa was completely defeated after two games before being knocked out

Most likely, with this form, Israel Adesanya will be considered for a super fight with Jon Jones, champion Lightheavyweight who just dropped the title to move to heavyweight.

Knockout Costa, Dana White is likely to let Israel Adesanya fight Jon Jones

After overcoming the Paulo Costa challenge, the aspiration to challenge Jon Jones of Israel Adesanya was harbored by President Dana White. TKO win over Paulo Costa at UFC 253 helped Israel Adesanya increase their record 20-0 on the MMA. This is also his 100th win on both Kickboxing and mixed martial arts.

Paulo Costa was completely defeated after two games before being knocked out

However, at the UFC alone, Adesanya’s journey can now really begin. Because after two successful defending matches, the Nigerian puncher has the conditions to seek bigger goals – specifically, Jon Jones. This was confirmed by President Dana White just before UFC 253 when talking about the ability of two punches to encounter.

Since giving up the championship title, Jon Jones has yet to officially join Heavyweight

The UFC 253 ends up giving Jon Jones a lot of options. The heavyweight he once dominated welcomes a new king – Jan Blachowicz, who has challenged Jones earlier.

If you do not want to upgrade or return to win the title, the battle to Israel Adesanya is also a good choice for Jon Jones. Even this may be the hottest UFC match in these two weight categories for many years.

Israel Adesanya kicking Paulo Costa

Once referred to as the new generation Anderson Silva, Israel Adesanya with its flamboyant effect can do what the Brazilian legend has not done before – challenge Jon Jones. Because in the past, although he had played in the semi-heavyweight category, Silva could not complete a Superfight match as expected by the audience.

Now, when the mid-tier doesn’t have many names that can immediately compete for the title, Israel Adesanya has reason to urge the UFC to hold a Superfight with Jones.


Island Duel welcomes two UFC blockbusters back from late September

Starting from the UFC 253 event at the end of September, UFC will return to “Fight Island” with a series of blockbuster matches.

According to the announcement from the UFC, the event UFC 253: Adesanya vs. Costa on September 27 (Vietnam time) will officially return to Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE, opening the match at “Fight Island”.

Led by the Israeli Adesanya vs. Match Paulo Costa will contend for the mid-tier championship, UFC 253 has now announced eight scheduled matches to appear at the event.

In the main match (Co-Main Event), the owner of the heavyweight throne will be decided by the match between American puncher Dominick Reyes and “Polish Prince” Jan Blachowicz. Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa lead the UFC 253, which was the first event to return to Duel Island.

The next four nights of UFC matches

Following UFC 253, the next four nights of UFC matches will also be held on Yas Island with 3 Fight Nights and 1 highlight event: UFC 254 – the event is predicted to have the list of the year’s greatest boxers.

UFC 254’s Main Card was led by the light belt match. The defending champion Khabib Nurmagomedov returns after a period of absence due to his father’s funeral, “Dagestan Eagle” will encounter temporary belt holder Justin Gaethje in the battle of reunification.

With the remaining 5 matches in the Main Card revealed, UFC 254 is expected to have the service of 2 former champions, 3 boxers who hold temporary belts, and 1 defending champion. Khabib Nurmagomedov himself had to praise the quality of this match.

UFC 254 ended series of events phase 2 with a group of terrible boxers.

Under the difficulty of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UFC has foreseen plans to organize until the end of the year with belt battles stretching from UFC 253 to UFC 256 December this year.

In which, the most awaited are the two main matches between Adesanya vs. Adesanya. Costa and Khabib vs. Gaethje. There is the presence of 3 punchers who are holding the victory, and the faces are all punchers with positive fighting style, UFC 253 and UFC 254 are blockbusters that will take place soon.


Kamaru Usman vs Gilbert Burns scheduled at UFC 256

After missed the first appointment, the UFC 256 was the second chance for Kamaru Usman to defend the title against former teammate Gilbert Burns.

This morning, rumors of Jorge Masvidal vs. match Nate Diaz 2 is confirmed, the re-performance of two Welterweight gangsters was targeted by President Dana White in early January 2021.

The scheduled match made the audience wonder, so where will the unfinished title match between Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns take place.

Contrary to speculation that the 4 hottest and strongest Welterweight punchers will gather at UFC 256, it seems that only one official title match between Usman and Burns will appear at the event.

Kamaru Usman is scheduled to meet former teammate Gilbert Burns at UFC 256

According to UFC’s revelation, the Welterweight Championship title match will be UFC 256’s Main Event on December 12 (US time).

Once scheduled to face off at UFC 251, however, due to a sudden COVID-19 positive Gilbert Burns, he had to retreat and make room for Jorge Masvidal. With Kamaru Usman successfully defending the title, “Mourinho” Gilbert Burns was given a second chance right after his recovery.

Regarding the BMF title match between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz, it is likely that this pair will be pushed back to the Main Event at UFC 257, January 2021. Currently, the fans are waiting for confirmation. UFC’s last two hottest Welterweight matches at the moment.

Masvidal and Nate Diaz 2 will not share the event with Usman vs. Burns

Before the match, Kamaru Usman decided to leave the famous Sanford MMA gym to ask for coach Trevor Wittman – who was leading temporary lightweight champion Justin Gaethje.

The reason “The Nigerian Nightmare” made this decision because he did not want to embarrass coach Henri Hooft, the coach that has trained Usman and Burns for many years.


Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje return at the end of October

Khabib Nurmagomedov‘s return schedule in the Justin Gaethje match was confirmed by UFC president Dana White in late October this year.

Stopping rumors of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s return after his father died earlier this month, UFC President Dana White confirmed that “Dagestan Eagles” will return to the ring on October 24 this year.

Accordingly, Khabib Nurmagomedov’s rival is still the person who currently holds the temporary belt – American boxer “Highlight” Justin Gaethje. The match will be the light unification championship as expected. Currently, the location and event of this match have not been determined. However, according to the timeline, Khabib vs. Vs. Gaethje will lead UFC 254 or UFC 255.

Earlier, sources familiar with the matter said Khabib had returned to training towards a 30-0 goal and met legendary George St Pierre before retiring. However, Khabib has not confirmed anything about this information.

Khabib has started to return to training to prepare for the match

Initially, Khabib vs. Gathje is expected to lead UFC 253 on 20 September. However, family events have greatly affected the preparation of the match for the Dagestan fighters. Perhaps this is the main reason why UFC decided to reschedule Khabib to fully focus on this match.

The UFC executive, Dana White, insists that the lightweight champion will have the right to choose his opponent in the last match of his career.

Currently, Khabib Nurmagomedov has returned to training after his father’s mourning period. However, his manager revealed very negative news – “Eagle” intends to play only two more games at UFC before retiring.

Of course, this decision partly comes from the influence of Father Khabib when he wants his children to finish their career with 30 victories, the ideal number for an MMA fighter.

According to UFC’s original plan, Khabib Nurmagomedov’s 29th match will be the confrontation with Justin Gaethje in September. As for the 30th opponent, according to Father Khabib’s wishes, it should be the legendary George St Pierre (GSP).

Dana White gave Khabib full control over the final opponent

This is not the first time Dana White has endorsed the Khabib vs. battle plan. George St Pierre. However, the success of the match schedule still came from the Canadian puncher when he had not clearly revealed his intention to return to the ring.

Along with the issue of age, weight is also something that hinders the match. When playing in Lightweight (155lbs) or Welterweight (170lbs), the disadvantage is obviously one of the two boxers before they hit the floor.


The most noticeably fierce boxing matches recently

The boxer launched 232 punch knock-out opponents quickly

The puncher had a scary knock-out screen, using 232 punches to knock out the opponent.

The Covid-19 pandemic still has many complicated developments, so most of the martial arts events cannot take place. Although the United States is heavily affected by the disease, managers still organize mixed martial arts tournaments such as UFC, Bellator, Titan FC …

Joining boxing events in the US, over the weekend, Mexicans also held a boxing tournament in Mexico capital. The most notable competition took place in the super chicken class (58.97 kg) between the two home punchers, Miguel Berchelt (28 years old) and Eleazer Valenzuela (25 years old).

With a longer age and more experienced experience in battle, Berchelt played ahead of the young opponent in 5 rounds. In the sixth half, the 28-year-old puncher defeated his opponent after a series of punches described by Marca newspaper (Spain) as “brutal”, AS (Spain) said that this was a “wild” match.

In the post-match video compilation on social networking platform Youtube, Top Rank Boxing has statistics that Berchelt has hit 232 shots on target in a knock-out victory against Valenzuela.

After 39 games, Berchelt won 38 wins and lost only once, including 34 knock-out opponents. Loser Valenzuela spent the 39th match, losing the 14th, having 21 victories and 4 draws.

Fight for 25 minutes and then go to the emergency room

The UFC Fight Night event took place over the weekend with a very interesting focus match. Hosts Dustin Poirier and Dan Hooker (New Zealand) offer fans a spectacular display with a total length of up to 25 minutes (playing 5 rounds, 5 minutes each).

From the first moments of the first half to the last second, the two punchers showed what the most quintessential they have. They repeatedly launched quality punches and strikes towards the opponent and stood firm until the last second.

The match closed with a victory for Dustin Poirier with a score (48–47, 48–47, 48–46) against Hooker and according to The Sun (England), both winners and losers were hospitalized shortly thereafter. The organizers decided to vote for this match as “the best of the night” with a prize of US $ 50,000 for winner Dustin Poirier.

The Daily Mail (UK) said that this is the “best match” in 2020 of UFC. After receiving medical treatment in the hospital, despite many wounds all over the body, the health of Dustin Poirier and Dan Hooker was stable.