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Different Fighting Styles In Boxing (Part 2)


An out-boxer is the opposite of being a pressure fighter, throwing as many effective punches as possible for the duration of a man match. It’s about staying on the outside, using the reach as a weapon to keep opponents at bay with crafty technique.

Out-boxers usually have long wingspans and possess a height and reach advantage to perform a long, rangy, and effective jab, peppering their foes with pinpoint accuracy, connecting with shots from the outside to prevent opponents from getting on the inside.

Out-boxers prefer to defeat opponents with technique, with the majority of victories come by decision and score knockouts or by accumulating damage on an opponent, breaking them down with accurate punching until a precise finish.

Notable out-boxers are the heavyweight champion, Deontay Wilder, legendary boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr., and Muhammad Ali.


The slugger pays nearly no attention to strategy, instead, they rather overwhelm their opponent with strength and brute force. Most of the time, sluggers are also keen on taking a big amount of punishment in order to deal with their own volume of damage.

People would want to avoid sluggers because this type of boxer cares very little about avoiding firefights, they are .m“action stars” and like giving fans the most entertaining bouts.

Sluggers are mindful fighters, however with a lot of what they do involves a great deal of technique, a distinct ability to be able to force their way inside and trap opponents along the ropes or into corners. A key skill for sluggers is ring generalship or cutting off the ring.

Notable sluggers include Britain’s Ricky “Hitman” Hatton, Arturo “Thunder” Gatti, and “Irish” Micky Ward.

Each type of boxers has its own techniques, advantages as well as disadvantages in combating. Which one do you like to follow when you are on the ring? which one do people bet on the most? Boxing or is it MMA?