Phil Davis won a close score against Lyoto Machida at Bellator 245

Continuing with a “slow but steady” game Phil Davis shows that his attack is still a match for a striker like Machida.

Leading Bellator 245, Phil Davis meets Lyoto Machida in Light-Heavyweight after 7 years. At the last meeting at the UFC, Phil Davis won the Brazilian puncher, Lyoto Machida, with his ability to wrestle and control the situation skillfully.

Understand each other’s game, however, at the age of 42, it is difficult for Lyoto Machida to change any style of 5 against a certain Phil Davis.

Persistent with the famous Wrestling – the weapon that helped himself survive many strong opponents, Phil Davis continued to put Machida in a difficult position when he could not use his Karate forte.

Highlight a situation where Phil Davis uses wrestling to counter Machida

Although the gameplay was somewhat boring and put the game to a standstill, it was enough for Davis to get a close second win over Machida. After 3 rounds, two boxers launched less than 60 effective attacks.

However, passing at Bellator 245 also helped Phil Davis create a series of 3 consecutive wins. The American puncher aims to revenge two champions /former champions, Vadim Nemkov and Ryan Bader. In the previous two encounters, both Nemkov and Bader got only one split decision from Davis.

Lyoto Machida was cautious before Phil Davis reunited at Bellator 245

Although there is no official title battle, this event has received attention by the names of elders in the MMA world. In particular, the main match between Lyoto Machida and Phil Davis is attracting the most attention.

Seven years ago, Lyoto Machida and Phil Davis went head-to-head at UFC 163. Davis’s Wrestling style at the time gave him a close win against a Brazilian, even though it was seen as a victory. not very impressed.

Lyoto Machida and Phil Davis fought at UFC 163 in 2013

After 7 years, both Machida and Davis are no longer at the top, their skills have not changed too much. This is also the reason why Machida believes he should be careful about his opponent’s annoying game.

Machida is cautious but about the reunion of his old opponent

Joining Bellator in 2018, Lyoto Machida has gone through 3 matches (2 wins – 1 loss). Although he turned 42, he still performed well in front of younger fighters like Rafael Carvalho or defending champion Gegard Mousasi.