How powerful is Roy Jones Jr, Mike Tyson’s upcoming rival?

For boxing followers, Roy Jones is a legend, a king on the charts, but to outsiders, Roy Jones is probably a rather strange name.

Rated as one of the greatest boxing fighters in boxing history in the world, Roy Jones has been the dominant name on the P4P charts throughout the 90s. junior middleweight until the peak period in semi heavyweight.

In 1999, Roy Jones unified the semi-heavy WBA, WBC, and IBF belts to become the absolute champions. In 2003, Roy Jones also excellently defeated then WBA heavyweight champion John Ruiz to become the next heavyweight champion.

Roy Jones Jr. captivating fans with speed moves, ridiculous coloring tricks, and even centimeter corner bend. Roy Jones’s fighting style is unique with bizarre punches different from traditional Boxing. Thanks to such an inherent uniqueness, he became the one-time superstar of the boxing world.

Roy Jones Jr. has stunning moves in boxing

In the past, many fans have also wondered if Roy Jones can beat Mike Tyson, only regret that the most prolific time of Roy Jones was the time when Mike Tyson went to jail. continuously and start to drop in form. Therefore, even though they are only 3 years apart, the two have never had the chance to confront each other.

Many fans have also wondered if Roy Jones can beat Mike Tyson

Upcoming Roy Jones will face Mike Tyson in a friendly match of 8 matches. It is worth mentioning that, Mike Tyson has just returned after 15 years of retirement, and Roy Jones is still persistent until 2018 and still has a KO against young opponents. In terms of advantage, it seems that Roy Jones is the dominant player in the upcoming match.

Mike Tyson turned down a $20 million BKFC barehand boxing invitation

Previously, bare hand boxing BKFC had intended to invite Mike Tyson to the top with a bonus of 20 million dollars, but Mike Tyson declined this attractive offer.

The former absolute heavyweight champion recently expressed his desire to win a charity match. To prove he is completely serious, Mike has posted photos, training videos with a solid body like when he was fit.

Emerging in 2018 with officially bringing Boxing back to the US after 131 years, BKFC (Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship) quickly gained a reputation with the signing of famous boxers, former boxing, and MMA fighters.