Russia’s first professional no-gloved boxing tournament

Boxing is one of the martial arts fighting against violent attacks. Strong attacks with strong force make opponents can be knocked out on the spot. Viewers can easily see the images of bloody, bruised boxers on the boxing ring.

In Russia, a new professional no-gloved boxing tournament has been held for the first time. In this tournament, the audience witnessed the fierce confrontations and the scary images of the boxers.

The professional no-gloved boxing tournament in Russia

With this tournament, the fighting form of the boxers will not use gloves but instead a bandage wrapped around the arm and an extra tooth guard. Wearing gloves will help the boxers avoid scratching rather than when using their hands directly to punch. Therefore, the image of the wounded martial arts at these battles is quite bloody and horror.

Many people when witnessing these images think that this is too barbaric. However, according to experts, it is safer than using gloves because the gloves will cause the force exerted on the boxers in a wider area, heavier and more likely to cause dangerous injuries in the head area of ​​the boxer.

And when you use your bare hands, the impact force will be in a smaller range, causing less internal impact, but causing scratches, skin damage, making the image of the wound look quite creepy.

The first professional boxing tournament in Russia was held with a prize of 13,000 USD and was held on a cargo ship called Rio-1 docked in Moscow.

The boxing matches without gloves are often considered too barbaric, but in fact, this sport is considered by many to be safer than conventional boxing. Punches in gloves can cause larger and heavier areas of damage, causing serious damage to the boxers’ heads.

The competition without gloves makes it easier for boxers to bleed

When not wearing gloves, the affected area is smaller, and instead of causing brain damage, gloved matches often have a lot of blood and gore from skin wounds. Although it looks barbaric, the fact that boxing without gloves rarely causes internal injuries to the punches.

The competition without gloves makes it easier for boxers to bleed

Despite the controversy about the safety of gloved boxing, punches see it as a kind of fame and honor, even though the money they make is a lot less money than regular boxing fighters.