Khamzat Chimaev expressed dissatisfaction with Conor McGregor

Khamzat Chimaev confirmed that there would be a conflict if he and Conor McGregor met each other during the upcoming Fight Island.

In January next year, UFC will hold 3 major events with the participation of many famous boxers. Opening with UFC Fight Night 184: Holloway vs. Kattar on January 17th, UFC Fight Night 185: Edwards vs. Chimaev on January 21, and finally UFC 257: McGregor vs. Poirier 2 on January 24.

Three events take place in a row within 7 days. The participating boxers will be taken to “Duel Island” – Fight Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE to rest and practice. And among the main characters of the matches, the most prominent is Conor McGregor and Khamzat Chimaev.

Recently, in an interview with RT Sport, “Gray Wolf” Khamzat Chimaev has confirmed that he does not like Conor McGregor, especially in the way Irish punches treat the elderly. He reiterated that Conor attacked an old man in a bar in 2019, and even threatened to “treat” the Irish superstar if he dared to do so to his father.

Khamzat Chimaev repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with Conor McGregor

Before that, Chimaev also once wanted to handle Conor McGregor himself when he was outraged about the crazy guy statements at UFC 229. Chechen punches tried to escape from the airport to meet Conor directly. but failed and was also detained for 8 hours. Up to now, Conor McGregor and Khamzat Chimaev are both very hot names in the MMA community.

Khamzat Chimaev repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with Conor McGregor

Conor just announced its achievements for the past year. With just 40 seconds of rooftop and a convincing win over Donald Cerrone, the Irish superstar has collected 1.35 million pay-per-view PPV purchases and turned UFC 246 into the number one PPV event. sold in 2020. At the same time, Conor also promises to break every record continent in the upcoming event.

Conor McGregor will fight at UFC 257

Khamzat Chimaev, a rising star with 3 overwhelming wins in 66 days. The most recent match was at UFC Fight Night 178, with just 17 seconds of a rooftop, “Gray Wolf” hit Gerald Meerschaert with a knockdown.

With a 9-match winning record in his MMA career, he will have to continue to prove his abilities against Leon Edwards in January next year.


Manny Pacquiao confirmed taking the fighting offer with Conor McGregor in 2021

Official information is given from Manny Pacquiao’s office, the match will be exactly as Conor revealed.

Recently, the news that Conor McGregor will be standing with the Philippine boxing legend Manny Pacquiao has received great attention from the boxing fans. However, some are still skeptical because this is just a unilateral announcement from Conor McGregor. However, Manny Pacquiao’s confirmation from the congressman’s office denied any doubts.

Manny Pacquiao confirmed the match with Conor McGregor

In a series of statuses on personal Twitter, Conor McGregor revealed the match will take place in the Middle East. The Irish star also appeared in a boxing training video with his head neatly shaved, a sign that he had ended his vacation with the mess in France.

Manny Pacquiao confirmed the match with Conor McGregor

With the management company Paradigm Sports Management and the executive Audie Attar, the match between the two fighting martial arts superstars is expected to be quickly signed without any problems.

As can be seen, the match between Pacquiao and Conor besides attracting the public’s attention is also a charitable effect for individuals who are struggling with the COVID-19 epidemic. Contrary to a “pure entertainment” match like Conor vs. Mayweather, this is a very good way for the 2 stars to promote their matches.

In the most recent broadcast in 2019, Manny Pacquiao overcame Keith Thurman to win the WBA (Super) Welterweight title. On Conor’s side, he also defeated Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 with a knockout of just 40 seconds.

Manny Pacquiao signed with the management company Conor McGregor

Manny Pacquiao recently posted on Twitter a picture of a new contract signed with Paradigm Sports, which is managing Conor McGregor.

Manny Pacquiao has signed a promotional contract with Paradigm Sports, the company that is managing Conor McGregor. It is worth mentioning that not long ago, Manny Pacquiao denied signing a contract with this company.

Last month, Pacquiao and McGregor “listened” to each other about a boxing match somewhere in the Middle East. McGregor wrote on Twitter that his next match will be with Manny Pacquiao. However, the current former UFC two-division champion is also considering a match with Dustin Poirier before 2020 ends.

Manny Pacquiao signed with Paradigm Sports

Looks like Manny Pacquiao is thinking of a big bonus and an easy match against Conor McGregor. Anyway, Manny Pacquiao is very busy with politics in her homeland of the Philippines, just as this legend needs a large budget to race for the presidency in the future.

A money match with Conor McGregor would probably be a reasonable choice for Manny Pacquiao at the moment.


World boxing may need a villain instead of decent boxers (Part 2)

When a villain appears, fans always want the sport to appear as a hero to defeat that hateful villain. Thereby, these heroes create more attraction to the sport.

The stronger the villain, the harder it is to defeat, the higher the value of the heroes will be enhanced. There are famous hero-villains in the sports world such as Ronaldo-Messi, Mayweather-Pacquiao, McGregor-Khabib…

Mayweather’s hatred became a media magnet for small weight categories. Gradually as they cleaned up the mid-range, fans began to pull out names in other weight categories to find the Mayweather beater. It can be said that, as long as Mayweather appeared, a small weight boxing became a superstar weight class.

Contrary to Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, when Pacquiao appeared, no one expected to find the person who defeated Pacquiao. Pacquiao only appeared as a good fighter capable of defeating Mayweather. In other words, the attention paid to Pacquiao also largely came from Mayweather’s disgust. In short, every sport needs strong villains.

MMA was at its peak before McGregor appeared, but only with McGregor, the media about MMA changed.

Barriers for the hateful

Choosing to be a villain means that the athlete chooses to be a hateful person with a high risk of being forgotten. It is not difficult to find video clips with content that is happy and excited in front of defeated arrogant people.

The number of the proud collapsed is too much compared to the people like Muhammad Ali, Conor McGregor. The only difference is that those arrogant have been long forgotten. That is the best evidence for the fierceness for the punches who choose the arrogant style.

Just 2 outstanding defeats, fans were able to hook up all the previous losses of Conor McGregor

People like Ali, CR7, Conor McGregor, or any other athlete as an apprentice all share a dream of becoming a world sports superstar. But few people dare to talk about their dreams when the fear of “speaking before the next step does not pass” is arguing


Conor McGregor will be away from UFC until next year

After a series of questions about Conor McGregor’s future with UFC, President Dana White finalized the Irish star’s plan in 2020.

Has Conor McGregor really retired? This question is probably only the Irish star can decide for himself. As for UFC, President Dana White confirmed this information is true in 2020. Appearing on the My Mom’s Basement podcast, White said he didn’t have any plans with Conor until the end of this year. This is true of previous UFC executive statements.

Conor’s appearance on the stage required the approval of Dana White

Despite owning a media company – managing his own boxers, Conor McGregor has not ended his contract with UFC. Therefore, the fighting activities of the Irish puncher still need to be approved by UFC.

It can be said that with this information from Dana White, it will be difficult for the audience to see Conor appear on the octagon cage again in 2020. This may also be a consequence of the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. UFC’s activities, when an arena without an audience it will be difficult to satisfy the UFC superstar.

Conor McGregor as one of the world’s highest-paid athletes in 2020

In 2019, Conor McGregor’s net worth reached $ 110 million, of which $ 85 million came from his victories in the octagonal cage. He also signed major advertising deals with Burger King, Beats by Dre, Monster energy and Reebok.

Currently, Conor McGregor competes with a relatively low frequency, about 12 months to play once in the match against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in January. However, that alone has helped Conor McGregor pocket up to 32 million dollars and is in the top sports players making money in the world for every minute of competition in 2020.

To make it easier to imagine how valuable the Conor McGregor punch is, OGBL has relied on data from the list of the world’s highest-paid athletes in 2020 (for one year to June / 2020) of Forbes.

Now, Conor McGregor has retired, but his influence in the world MMA village is still very large. In addition to making money from fighting, Conor McGregor is currently the owner of the wine company Proper No. 12 and also a shareholder of many companies, large and small. The fact that this fighter created his own promotions also shows that he is likely to become a boxing boss in the future.


Dana White is confident that Conor McGregor will return in 2021

UFC president is not surprised if Conor McGregor announced returning to the ring next year. Busy with matches on Fight Island and UFC 251, UFC president Dana White must not forget the retirement announcement that caused the tumultuous MMA of Conor McGregor.

However, contrary to previous times, White was quite apathetic and even claimed to never contact Conor to talk about this issue. He insisted he would consider Conor to be a retired martial artist.

Conor McGregor made his retirement announcement in early June

After the match against Donald Cerrone at UFC 246, Conor McGregor returned to his native Ireland and began his activities as the COVID-19 epidemic spread in this country. On the UFC side, President Dana White said the reason why Conor has not returned because it has not been able to find a suitable opponent on both sides.

It is hard to find a suitable opponent for Conor

Ranked No. 4 at Lightweight, Conor McGregor no longer has a lot of options for the upper stage when now the most viable names are only Tony Ferguson and Dustin Poirier – the same punches in the Top 5 of the weight class.

Will Conor McGregor retire or not, and who will be the Irish fist punch nodded in agreement for the return date? Perhaps this question still takes time before Conor regains interest in playing again.

Does UFC no longer need McGregor?

Although Conor McGregor has retired a while ago, it now seems that UFC no longer needs his box office charm. The match between Jorge Masvidal and Kamaru Usman in the semi-finals at UFC 251 helped the event attract 1.3 million purchases via cable television, the highest number UFC has earned since 2.4 million.

According to UFC, the number just lost was quite impressive because Masvidal had not been in the plan to attend the event before, but his presence just 6 days before the event witnessed a sudden increase.


Conor McGregor unexpectedly challenged WWE president Vince McMahon

Targeting the CEO of the world’s leading wrestling tournament, Conor McGregor always knows how to polish his name.

Conor McGregor retired, which was one of the top MMA news in June. Even Dana White and Conor’s longtime coach John Kavanagh confirmed this to be true.

And recently, TheMacLife page continued to post stormy information: Conor McGregor wanted to encroach into the wrestling arena to perform WWE by challenging … President Vince McMahon.

In addition, Conor himself used his personal account to share the above post with the content “McMahon vs. McGregor CEO Flashmatch ”, a reference to the confrontation between him and the president of WWE empire – Vince McMahon.

Conor McGregor offered to switch to WWE by challenging President Vince McMahon

Was intended to attend WWE in 2017, however, this intention of Conor McGregor did not materialize. This is also considered the reason why Conor quickly turned to the Boxing match with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Conor’s gait is said to be cosplaying from Vince McMahon’s pitch walk.

The second time he revealed his intention to join WWE right after announcing his retirement from the MMA world, surely, many viewers were wondering if this would be another decision of Conor to roam, or continue to be just a how to make an Irish boxer grab the attention of the martial arts community

WWE champion Drew McIntyre warned of the challenge of Conor McGregor

Drew McIntyre, who holds the WWE championship, warns Conor McGregor of his intention to challenge the venerable president Vince McMahon.

Challenge WWE president Vince McMahon is the latest news Conor McGregor – UFC superstar brings to the audience. Of course, a shocking statement to get attention is something everyone understands when talking about this act of “The Notorious”.

But the current WWE champion Drew McIntyre did not consider Conor’s words to be a joke. Even McIntyre directly warned Conor about his intentions.

Drew McIntyre’s post about Conor’s intention to encroach

Winning the WWE title in early 2020, Drew McIntyre is the newest champion of the world’s largest performing wrestling tournament. The Scottish wrestler defeated 6 opponents, including the most famous champion Brock Lesnar in the important match to ascend to the throne at WrestlerMania 36.

It can be seen that Conor McGregor’s “invitations” to WWE not only attracted the attention of MMA fans. Now, even the champions of this tournament have to speak out about that intention, showing that the attraction of “The Notorious” is still huge after the announcement of the retirement of MMA in early June.