Gennady Golovkin broke historical records after winning Kamil Szeremeta,

The overwhelming victory of Gennady Golovkin over Kamil Szeremeta helped him preserve two championships while breaking the record of legend Bernard Hopkins.

Taking place at dawn on December 19, mid-range champion Gennady Golovkin will defend two IBF and IBO belts against an unbeaten opponent – the fighter have 21 wins (5 KO) Kamil Szeremeta.

As the only match of 2020, Golovkin is much more appreciated in terms of both experience and the ability to finish the opponent. This is considered a prerequisite for “Triple G” to aim for the third rematch – unify the middle belts with rival Canelo Alvarez.

After 8 rounds, Kamil Szeremeta’s corner stopped when the Polish boxer could not continue, winning TKO over Gennady “Triple G” Golovkin – successfully defending two middleweight IBF and IBO championships.

The victory helped Golovkin break Bernard Hopkins’s record of 21 defending middle belt

This result also helps Gennady Golovkin have 21 defenders of the middle belt so far, surpassing the legendary Bernard Hopkins – setting a new record at the age of 38. The victory helped Golovkin break Bernard Hopkins’s record of 21 defending middle belts.

Summary of match developments

Round 7

Golovkin actively pushed high speed from the first few seconds, exchanged pressure attacks and suddenly the left shot from Golovkin knocked Szeremeta down, knockdown for the 4th time. The knockdown phase in the 7th half was also the end of the match.

Round 6

Opening with a left play from Golovkin, continuing with 3 left shocks. The combination of left and right hits from Szeremeta but failed to hit the target. Pressing the radio and touching Golovkin makes the opponent’s head bounce back.

Pressing the radio and changing the attack repeatedly, Szeremeta started to counterattack, but Golovkin repeatedly blocked and returned the efforts from the opponent.

Round 5

Golovkin repeatedly threw left hooks into the side of the Polish punching hand. Level 5 passed very quickly after Golovkin’s attack situations.

Round 4

Golovkin continuously used his left hand with flanks and hook hooks – face continuously. 3rd Knockdown for Golovkin when the match is more than 1 minute. Szeremeta counterattacked but did not have any power against the Kazakh boxer.

Round 3

Golovkin begins to put pressure on by incorporating the right hooks into the opponent’s head and body. With a heavy hit from Golovkin, Szeremeta continued the situation “just hit and run” until the end of the round.

The dominance was maintained through matches from Golovkin.