The famous couple in the martial arts world

Like a movie, these close brothers have dominated the martial arts for a long time that no one can surpass them.

1. The Klitschko brothers

No need to use too many words to talk about these two brothers. The Klitschko brothers have dominated heavyweight for more than 10 years. In particular, his brother Wladimir Klitschko had an unbeaten chain that lasted from 2004 to 2015. One of his most famous rivals is Alexander Povetkin and David Haye.

Meanwhile, his brother Vitaly Klitschko plays with a lower frequency, Vitaly’s achievement table is also really respectable. He lost only to Chris Byrd and legendary Lennox Lewis in a controversial match. Vitaly Klitschko has respectable power, he has 41 KOs in his 45 wins.

2. The Charlo brothers

Another pair of boxing brothers is storming at the moment. 2018 could have been another successful year for the Charlo brothers if Jermell Charlo did not face the confusing defeat against Tony Harrison in a year-end match. On December 22 last year, the joy of the Charlo twins was not complete when Jermall Charlo kept his winning circuit while Jermell again stumbled.

The close twins have been sweeping Boxing’s super welterweight and middleweight classes since 2007. Although 2018 didn’t end as expected, the Charlo brothers are still a scary force at Boxing.

3. The Diaz brothers

One of the most famous brothers and sisters in the world in terms of innocent, muddy, aggressive levels is unlike anyone. Although the Diaz brothers did not really win consecutive victories, they were always the factors that attracted the viewers by the unlike anyone disruptive acts.

Another element of the “Diaz Bros” brand is that of stubbornness. Win or lose, confronting the Diaz brothers is not easy. Diaz’s way of exchanging attacks is not afraid of collision and the ridiculous ability to withstand blows of the Diaz brothers always brings eye-catching entertainment to viewers.