Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul are scheduled to fight in February next year

The UFC President does not hesitate to attack the current state of Boxing village with the recently announced match between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul.

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather’s scheduled match for YouTuber Logan Paul is the information that attracted the most attention of the fighting world yesterday.

With announcements from Floyd, both will be broadcast on February 20, 2021, with the competition rules and venues unspecified. However, this is not the main concern of the community to this match.

The mixed opinions are mostly about quality as well as expertise when a boxing legend accepts a dreamer like Logan Paul. What viewers believe is a sign of the value of matches.

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul are scheduled to fight in February next year

Having considered Boxing as a rival in the competitive sports market, UFC President Dana White has expressed disdain for this match in a recent interview. UFC President is referring to the fact that Logan Paul and Youtuber KSI – two famous Youtubers held the stage in 2018 and are recognized as a professional boxing match.

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul are scheduled to fight in February next year

Recently, the comeback event between two boxing legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr also saw Youtuber Jake Paul – brother Logan Paul knocking out former basketball player Nate Robinson in a match where both were boxers. amateurs.

Despite facing many criticisms for quality, the appearance of YouTubers with a large audience makes even Mike Tyson recognize that this is a necessary attraction for Boxing – a subject that is considered expensive. The most expensive of fighting sports is under threat of taking over by the MMA.

In 2017, Dana White also represented the UFC to organize the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor – the game was also criticized for its professional quality. However, if you compare names like Conor or Floyd with Logan Paul, the difference in level is still very large.


World boxing may need a villain instead of decent boxers (Part 2)

When a villain appears, fans always want the sport to appear as a hero to defeat that hateful villain. Thereby, these heroes create more attraction to the sport.

The stronger the villain, the harder it is to defeat, the higher the value of the heroes will be enhanced. There are famous hero-villains in the sports world such as Ronaldo-Messi, Mayweather-Pacquiao, McGregor-Khabib…

Mayweather’s hatred became a media magnet for small weight categories. Gradually as they cleaned up the mid-range, fans began to pull out names in other weight categories to find the Mayweather beater. It can be said that, as long as Mayweather appeared, a small weight boxing became a superstar weight class.

Contrary to Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, when Pacquiao appeared, no one expected to find the person who defeated Pacquiao. Pacquiao only appeared as a good fighter capable of defeating Mayweather. In other words, the attention paid to Pacquiao also largely came from Mayweather’s disgust. In short, every sport needs strong villains.

MMA was at its peak before McGregor appeared, but only with McGregor, the media about MMA changed.

Barriers for the hateful

Choosing to be a villain means that the athlete chooses to be a hateful person with a high risk of being forgotten. It is not difficult to find video clips with content that is happy and excited in front of defeated arrogant people.

The number of the proud collapsed is too much compared to the people like Muhammad Ali, Conor McGregor. The only difference is that those arrogant have been long forgotten. That is the best evidence for the fierceness for the punches who choose the arrogant style.

Just 2 outstanding defeats, fans were able to hook up all the previous losses of Conor McGregor

People like Ali, CR7, Conor McGregor, or any other athlete as an apprentice all share a dream of becoming a world sports superstar. But few people dare to talk about their dreams when the fear of “speaking before the next step does not pass” is arguing


Dana White is confident that Conor McGregor will return in 2021

UFC president is not surprised if Conor McGregor announced returning to the ring next year. Busy with matches on Fight Island and UFC 251, UFC president Dana White must not forget the retirement announcement that caused the tumultuous MMA of Conor McGregor.

However, contrary to previous times, White was quite apathetic and even claimed to never contact Conor to talk about this issue. He insisted he would consider Conor to be a retired martial artist.

Conor McGregor made his retirement announcement in early June

After the match against Donald Cerrone at UFC 246, Conor McGregor returned to his native Ireland and began his activities as the COVID-19 epidemic spread in this country. On the UFC side, President Dana White said the reason why Conor has not returned because it has not been able to find a suitable opponent on both sides.

It is hard to find a suitable opponent for Conor

Ranked No. 4 at Lightweight, Conor McGregor no longer has a lot of options for the upper stage when now the most viable names are only Tony Ferguson and Dustin Poirier – the same punches in the Top 5 of the weight class.

Will Conor McGregor retire or not, and who will be the Irish fist punch nodded in agreement for the return date? Perhaps this question still takes time before Conor regains interest in playing again.

Does UFC no longer need McGregor?

Although Conor McGregor has retired a while ago, it now seems that UFC no longer needs his box office charm. The match between Jorge Masvidal and Kamaru Usman in the semi-finals at UFC 251 helped the event attract 1.3 million purchases via cable television, the highest number UFC has earned since 2.4 million.

According to UFC, the number just lost was quite impressive because Masvidal had not been in the plan to attend the event before, but his presence just 6 days before the event witnessed a sudden increase.

Types of boxing

Why is Boxing harder to play than MMA? (Part 3)

What about MMA?

Even in Europe, there are still some countries like France that do not accept professional MMA. Right in the US – “home of UFC“, the ban on MMA in New York was only lifted last year.

Asia – where the OneChampionship tournament is taking place, the expansion of the tournament market is still at a standstill in many countries, even though these are already established facilities and MMA practitioners. Africa – although there have been many successful countries in Boxing but still in the “learning” about MMA.

The paradox of choice

There is a famous paradox that is “the paradox of choice”. That means when you have so many options, you won’t know what to choose. This explains why when people are too free, people often get bored.

Or it can also be understood that if you have too many pairs of shoes, you will not know which ones you need to choose to go out. Likewise, MMA has too many options so that the boxer gets stuck in the development of skills.

In MMA, when facing a punch, you can wrestle, you can kick as well as can counter it with another punch. But because of that, you fall into a state of “how to counter that punch?”

To capture cards of Manny Pacquiao, Manuel Marquez had to resort to click-only tactics without hitting. Of course these feint moves are harmless, Nonetheless, they are key to Marquez’s KO victory over Pacquiao.

MMA can be compared to a problem of many unknowns with many different systems of equations. To solve such a system of equations with many unknowns, sometimes you just need to find a single unknown.

Just like to defeat Khabib, you just need to get past his wrestling skills. Obviously, so far, no one has been able to do that, but you’ve mastered the most basic concept of tactics to defeat Khabib.

In Boxing, you only need to search for only one unknown number, but that unknown comes with a complicated problem. To solve the “find x” Boxing problem, you have to create a complex system of equations with “assumptions” to then gradually eliminate and eventually arrive at the solution stage. Boxing is a simple subject to the complexity.

Types of boxing

Why is Boxing harder to play than MMA? (Part 1)

Boxing has only hand to hand while MMA has to fight hands, legs, wrestling. But why is Boxing harder to play than MMA?

In MMA, it is clear that the martial artist needs to know as many martial arts as possible and to maximize his potential and limit his opponent’s abilities in order to achieve the ultimate victory.

A MMA fighter must face many attacks from objects, fastening, punching, kicking, and knees. Obviously, MMA must pay attention to different aspects than MMA, but for that reason , MMA climax is not “hard” as Boxing peak. Because the rules were so wide, MMA had a time when it was misunderstood as a rule of life and death without rules

The code is strictly limited

Boxing is the most challenging stage in the martial arts. You must not use your feet, not use attorneys, not hugging, not turning, not running. However, you still have to ensure victory.

If in MMA, you cannot punch, you can kick, if you cannot kick, you can find a way to bring the game to the floor. Even non-professionals who watch MMA can speak up tactics. basically like that. However, in Boxing, if you cannot punch, what else will you do?

Constraint is the premise for creativity

Because only two fists are used to attack, Boxing fighters have only one concern is the opponent’s hands. All the focus was on each other’s fists, making the blow more visible and predictable than ever. Without being able to be clever or creative, Boxing-fighters would not be able to strike effectively.

To hit an opponent, you must be tricky.

In front of the big competitors, you must also be a big old fox to confront them. Gradually, the old tricks need to be replaced by the more advanced “tricks”. The beat, the psychology of hitting, the power begin to play so the trick becomes even more sophisticated and unpredictable.