Boxing history

Why does boxing have so many world championships? (Part 1)

Sometimes when you watch professional boxing, you will see both boxers when the upper station is introduced as the current world champion. The only difference lies in the championship belt they hold. Why is that?

If football is under the supreme administration of a governing body, the World Football Federation, or FIFA, boxing does not have such a unity. The sport has up to four major associations, which are widely recognized and all have their competition system, through which they will award their championship belts.

The world professional boxing has 4 largest federations

Specifically, currently, the world professional boxing has 4 largest federations, namely WBC (World Boxing Council), WBO (World Boxing Organization), WBA (Hiep World Boxing Association, and IBF (International Boxing Federation).

To learn about these real fish fighting pants, it is necessary to go back to the beginning of professional boxing, that is, the 1920s of the last century. At that time, the bloody matches of this sport were beginning to become a gold mine for many organizers.

Confederations, committees, or boxing associations, therefore, mushroomed after the rain with the sole purpose of creating their championship belts, to create an attraction for the fights due to I organize.

However, in the 1960s, the two federations WBA and WBC were the most successful, surpassing other boxing organizations to become two world-class federations, recognized by the global boxing village as the main organization of the sport.

Boxer Anthony Joshua has acquired all four world championships

With the effective management and organization of WBA and WBC competitions, World Boxing is increasingly becoming a money-making business. But also because 2 world-class organizations are living together well, the consequence is that more people want to be part of the lucrative piece of boxing called boxing.

Because a professional boxing match only takes place quickly, and can even end after 1-2 minutes if any puncher gets knocked out early, plus the huge revenue comes mainly in matches. World Championship title competition, so the need to organize top matches always flourished.

Therefore, in the ’80s, two more boxing federations appeared, IBF (founded in 1983) and WBO (founded in 1988) that rose to share the leading role of the boxing world, making the emergence of New championship belt. And so, there are currently four world-class federations sharing a piece of cake worth billions of dollars of professional boxing.


MU legend becomes a boxer at the age of 38

After 2 years away from the pitch, former center-back Rio Ferdinand is ready to become a professional boxer.

Through social media accounts, former center-back Rio Ferdinand confirmed his preparation for professional boxing. On Instagram, the Manchester United player posted a trailer introducing himself as a boxer.

Today (September 19), Ferdinand held an official press conference to confirm his upcoming boxing match. Thus, Ferdinand is about to follow the famous British athletes like Andrew Flintoff (cricket), Sonny Bill Williams (rugby), Leon McKenzie (former Norwich player) and Curtis Woodhouse (former Sheffield United player) to try boxing. .

Recently, the former center-back in 1978 also sent challenges to famous punches like Tyson Fury, Tony Bellew or David Haye.

Rio Ferdinand confirmed his upcoming professional boxing match

While on the football field, Rio Ferdinand weighed 82 kg, equivalent to the cruiserweight class of boxing. But with Rio Ferdinand challenging Tyson Fury, it’s possible that the former Manchester United star has increased his muscle to compete in the 90 kg heavyweight class.

The former Manchester United star has long been interested in boxing and fists. Since leaving the soccer field in 2015, Rio Ferdinand has posted lots of boxing practice photos and videos on social media. Rio also actively practices in the gym to build and maintain strong muscles. It can be said that Rio is one of the few former players who maintain a strong physique after retirement.

The legend of MU transferred to boxing at the age of 38

Rio shared a joy with Anthony Joshua, after the young puncher defeated the legendary Wladimir Klitschko in April.

The former England midfielder locked himself in the gym and worked hard to forget the sadness of losing his wife and mother, and his daughter Rebecca Ellison had breast cancer in 2015. Before moving to boxing, Rio Ferdinand assumed the role. commentators, familiar guests present in live football shows.


Amateur boxing and professional boxing (Part 3)

The punches of amateur boxers are often fast and accurate, and professional boxers, in addition to the above two factors, also contain the power to knockout the opponent, so it must be lurking to punch and also to avoid. This you can see most clearly in the heavyweight of amateur and professional.

It can be said that the fighting style of Ali, Foreman, Amir Khan, Pacquiao uses the speed quite similar to that of Olympic style, speed, and accuracy. And the professional style found in South American fighters like Marco Maidana or Saul Alvarez.

Winning the Olympic gold medal, it proves that you are the best amateur boxer of the year, so it will be the contract of the boxing bosses, boxing companies to sign professional contracts. very easy. Today, with the Olympic gold medal, amateur boxers will start their professional careers more easily.

The money and the championship belt are what the best fighters are aiming for. Notably, Vasyl Lomachenko won the Olympic twice (2008, 2012) and played four matches, which was WBO’s Featherweight champion.

The past has witnessed a series of fighters have Olympic medals, although not made of gold, but later became world boxing legends. Names such as Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Sugar Ray Leonard, Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfied, Wladimir Klitschko, Oscar De La Hoya, Mike Tyson (young award), Amir Khan, Floyd Mayweather, Jr are all very successful. on the road boxing professional.

For countries with a long-time boxing background, such as the US, UK, Cuba, Ukraine. It’s always normal to be present at the biggest sports festival on the planet. However, in recent years, Asian countries, especially Japan, Thailand, Philippines have always been very good candidates for Olympic boxing.

Today, with the outstanding fighters from Asia, especially Southeast Asia, not only makes the Olympic arena exciting, but also brings fierce competition in professional boxing for the lower-middleweight classes. Especially Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Kazakhstan are the countries always present in the final of the recent Olympic Games.


Amateur boxing and professional boxing (Part 2)

It is very difficult to knockout the opponent is also time. The time is only half of that of professional boxing, if you are led first, to balance and overcome need to attack a lot. That’s why, for those who passionate about boxing, sometimes watching Olympic boxing is better than the famous boxers competing.

In the Olympics, with only 9 minutes, the boxers have to give everything they have, the training for years must be used to victory, not time to explore each other before waiting for the half 6, 7 will show your quintessence.

Amateur boxing wins based on points, every clear punch (face, stomach must be clear) to get 1 point, and knockouts like Mike Tyson’s are only counted like that, one point at a time, not like a professional whoever wins a half will win 10 points 9 points are deducted or deducted, except for a knockout or fault (depending on the situation in the referee, the score will be determined, maybe 9-9 or 9-8).

Of course the opponent is always the best, but for an amateur, having a helmet is a bit difficult. For some boxing teams in Vietnam, the new Olympic video is always a training material, not a professional one, because it is easy to be wrong with professional boxers.

The winning of the game is mainly in points, so the fighters have to punch fast, as much and dodge as many punches as possible. Boxing has a saying: “Hit and not to be hit”. Of course, that is a universal saying for most martial arts.

In professional boxing, it is not uncommon to suffer a blow, to lie down to taste honey to knock an opponent, typically Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Strategies to keep a good distance, waiting for the opportunity of the opponent to open are also used frequently. However, with 9 minutes, it is not possible to make a saw like 5, 7, or 12 innings, so it is necessary to collect as many points as possible, and of course make the game always exciting.


Amateur boxing and professional boxing (Part 1)

For amateur boxing (3 rounds, helmet and jersey), the Olympic gold medal is always the desire, the highest goal in amateur competition, and the key to opening the door to by winning the professional contract quickly.

Since 1904, Boxing has been present at the Olympic Games, and since then, boxing has grown, and the Olympic has been a better step for the boxer to go deep into the road. Professional boxing later. So let’s put aside the top professional boxers aside, this article will talk about amateur boxing, also known as Olympic boxing, another world of boxing but no less attractive.

Boxing is divided into 2 levels, professional and amateur. Professional boxing is directed to the championship belt (WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF…) amateur boxing is mostly present in the Olympic, Asiad Games…

Amateur boxing fighters are directly managed by the Boxing Federation The International Excess (AIBA), this makes boxing a fairly complicated management problem, because it does not unify a common boxing organization.

Back to the topic of boxing in the Olympics. As a boxing fighter, the Olympic gold medal is a special sacred thing. With so many sports (Athletics, Swimming, Shooting …), the Olympic has always been the number one goal in the athlete’s life. However, with boxing it is different.

The # 1 goal of good fighters in countries where Boxing is not Olympic, but the championship belts of Boxing organizations. In this case boxing like football, tennis, when the goal of the players life is the World Cup or the Grand Slam.

However, Olympic boxing still has its own appeal, as the matches are always exciting with the fighters coming to compete are excellent fighters, carefully selected from the qualifiers, and from the main. countries with boxers participating in the Olympics. 

At the Olympics, the only difference with professional Boxing, aside from costumes, is time. Within 9 minutes on the ring, fighters have to punch as many points as possible, because it is difficult to KO in the Olympic and not like a professional, even knockout is only counted as 1 point.