Tyson Fury may fight at the end of the year, but not rematch Wilder

Tyson Fury wants to finalize the contract terms in the year 2020 signed earlier. For this reason, the British puncher is ready to be back before the end of 2020. If Wilder is unable to take charge by the end of the year, fear Fury will skip this rematch.

Manager Frank Warren (Fury’s boss) said, if the Fury vs Wilder III match cannot be reached by the end of the year, he will want Fury to play Anthony Joshua.

According to Warren, he would not be surprised if the third match between Fury and Wilder was postponed to February 2021. Warren would even find it more interesting if the match could be held in antiquity. dance of spectators instead of with empty stands.

Tyson Fury defeated Deontay Wilder in his first rematch

On the side of champion Anthony Joshua, he is also unable to participate in his plan to play against Fury at the end of 2020 because he needs to defend the WBO belt against mandatory opponent Kubrat Pulev before 2020 ends.

With Wilder and Joshua potentially unable to negotiate with Fury this year and Fury also stuck with the terms of the contract before, it is likely that all three boxers will continue to miss each other.

Tyson Fury will not wait for Wilder until 2021

Another unanswered question is whether Frank Warren really tried to persuade Fury to wait until 2021 or just a move that made himself want to add new terms. Because on the negotiating table, usually the side of British boxers is always the underdog compared to the US Boxing bosses – the group that holds the power of the media as well as the economy.

Fury is a star, Joshua is a star while America has only one defeat to General Deontay Wilder. This is also a great advantage if British boss Frank Warren wants to pressure his opponent.

Tyson Fury may not rematch Deontay Wilder

Chances are, Tyson Fury will not be able to rematch Deontay Wilder but instead a less famous name to match the world economic situation.

According to initial expectations, Tyson Fury will rematch Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua will face Kubrat Pulev. If both defending champions succeed, a heavyweight match between Joshua and Fury is entirely possible.