World boxing may need a villain instead of decent boxers (Part 2)

When a villain appears, fans always want the sport to appear as a hero to defeat that hateful villain. Thereby, these heroes create more attraction to the sport.

The stronger the villain, the harder it is to defeat, the higher the value of the heroes will be enhanced. There are famous hero-villains in the sports world such as Ronaldo-Messi, Mayweather-Pacquiao, McGregor-Khabib…

Mayweather’s hatred became a media magnet for small weight categories. Gradually as they cleaned up the mid-range, fans began to pull out names in other weight categories to find the Mayweather beater. It can be said that, as long as Mayweather appeared, a small weight boxing became a superstar weight class.

Contrary to Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, when Pacquiao appeared, no one expected to find the person who defeated Pacquiao. Pacquiao only appeared as a good fighter capable of defeating Mayweather. In other words, the attention paid to Pacquiao also largely came from Mayweather’s disgust. In short, every sport needs strong villains.

MMA was at its peak before McGregor appeared, but only with McGregor, the media about MMA changed.

Barriers for the hateful

Choosing to be a villain means that the athlete chooses to be a hateful person with a high risk of being forgotten. It is not difficult to find video clips with content that is happy and excited in front of defeated arrogant people.

The number of the proud collapsed is too much compared to the people like Muhammad Ali, Conor McGregor. The only difference is that those arrogant have been long forgotten. That is the best evidence for the fierceness for the punches who choose the arrogant style.

Just 2 outstanding defeats, fans were able to hook up all the previous losses of Conor McGregor

People like Ali, CR7, Conor McGregor, or any other athlete as an apprentice all share a dream of becoming a world sports superstar. But few people dare to talk about their dreams when the fear of “speaking before the next step does not pass” is arguing