The $365-million boxing star recklessly competes with a much bigger opponent

Canelo Alvarez recklessly competes with a heavyweight puncher, 1m93 tall and 20kg heavier.

Canelo Alvarez is considered one of the best champions in boxing today. Famous for his ability to create skillful sequences of attacks, easily overwhelm opponents and defeat KOs. With powerful punches and speed coupled with precise attacks. Canelo has defeated a series of heavyweight opponents throughout his career.

Mexican boxers themselves have achieved many impressive achievements. The most impressive win is the one against Gennady Golovkin in 2018.

Canelo Alvarez is currently the fighter with the most expensive contract in martial arts history with an amount of up to 365 million USD. Signing such an expensive contract with the media outlet DAZN, but in 2020, the Mexican puncher has not played a match, which makes both sides unhappy about each other.

Alvarez has perfect dodge against heavy boxers

Alvarez did not want that and his contracting unit (DAZN) did not want this fighter to stop playing for too long, but the Covid-19 pandemic caused things to stall. Without playing, “Canelo” still has to maintain his fitness by going to the practice room regularly, in addition to training with his coach, he recently recklessly competed against a heavyweight puncher.

Canelo Alvarez vs Frank Sanchez

Recently, the Mexican puncher shared the clip on the radio with Frank Sanchez, a Cuban boxer, 1m93 tall, weighing 102kg. As the world champion of 4 weight classes, Alvarez’s weight ranges from 75 to 80kg (1m75 high), which means that in the last match, Mexican boxers fought 18cm taller, heavier 20kg.

Completely inferior in shape, Alvarez still played fair. The uploaded clip shows that Alvarez has a perfect dodge, before launching an attack on the ribs, causing the opponent to back into the corner of the defense station.

This match reminds the audience of the memorable victory of David Haye, a smaller boxer against giant Nikolai Valuev in 2009. Canelo Alvarez still maintains his fitness most professionally, but he has yet to find his next opponent and fans may not see him play in 2020.