In 2019, boxing legendary Mike Tyson turned 53 years old and in this post, we talk about the most legendary peels of this amazing warrior.

Combat vs Don Halpin 

This was Mike’s third fight on May 23, 1985 at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center, in New York which he won KO at 1:04 in round 4 of 6.

Combat vs Michael Johnson

Mike jostle against his eighth bout as a professional boxer with the numbers of his rival were not as impressive as him. Johnson was presented with 11-5, 8 KO’s and in the first moments, he received a good hook to the neck by Tyson that hurt him strongly. Tyson stopped a few moments for his rival to recover but few seconds later Mike gave a sudden right and thus finish the fight in the first round. This fight was organized at the Atlantis Hotel Casino in New Jersey.

Combat vs Lorenzo Boyd

Combat on July 11, 1986 and became Tyson’s 24th consecutive victory. Ty won in the second round due to Boyd’s ineffective defense which gave Tyson a chance to put a liver so strong that blow to the face and culminating the fight.

Combat vs Larry Holmes

Got a real fight from one of the toughest boxers in history, the fight happened on January 22, 1988 in the convention hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Larry needed to recover the winning title, so he face a young star like Mike who gave a strong and aggressive fight that would culminate in the 4 round after he walked for the third time provoking the completion.

Combat vs Michael Spinks

The June 27, 1988 became the historic date for Tyson’s career because it was his last night of glory before his boxing fight with Michael Spinks which fans and journalists predicted a negative result for Mike. However, the result amaze all when Ty took 91 seconds to defeat the champion with the right that characterizes him.