Which boxing championship belt is the most prestigious?

Currently, in the boxing industry, there are many championship belts of many different federations, but only the four leagues WBO, WBA, WBC, and IBF are recognized by the world.

The reason for the existence of so many different titles is that in the 1920s a series of boxing commissions created a series of championship titles to attract visitors to matches.

By 1963, the two largest committees at that time had grown into the WBA and the WBC – the first two mainstream boxing leagues. 20 years later IBF and WBO were established, from this moment in the world, there are 4 boxing leagues.

The WBA has once confirmed that they are planning to unify the super and regular WBA belts into a championship title to avoid confusion, but this has yet to happen.

The IBO League Championship Belt

On the other hand, the IBO League Championship Belt is one of the most controversial championship belts. The IBO Federation was established in 1988, five years after the birth of the IBF and WBO. For many fans of boxing, the four world championships are too much, and the existence of a 5th federation makes the title of world champions even more mundane.

One of the most recent examples of IBO belts not being recognized by the majority of Boxing fans is that after the match between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr, many media outlets around the world chose not to list the IBO belt in the list of titles that Andy Ruiz Jr won.

There are various boxing championship belt

Andy Ruiz’s IBO belt was even ignored by many newspapers

Recently, to make the belt system more diverse and more confusing, WBC has created a new title, Franchise Champion. It seems that the appearance of too many championships is increasingly making Boxing more boring now, going 5 steps to meet a champion and no champion wants to touch each other. If this situation lasts, surely one day, Boxing is just boring champions.